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Makom Kadosh: The Jewish Fellowship of Chester County (JFCC):

Twice monthly musical, engaging Friday night services, always followed by pot-luck dinner, conversation, and community.  

Our services are anything but boring (really).

Diverse monthly Shabbat morning offerings–walks in nature, meditation, chanting, story-telling.

Deeply meaningful High Holidays services.  Our High Holidays services, and ALL services, are FREE and open to ALL!

Holiday celebrations that combine tradition with innovation.

Personalized life cycle events.

Individualized Jewish education for children and families.

Looking for something Jewish that is enriching, exciting, and engaging, come check us out!

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Our Advisory Group:

Susan Hankin is a Law Professor who specializes in Animal Law, an outdoors enthusiast who has truly internalized the “it’s too nice to be indoors” refrain that she heard throughout her childhood, and a (very beginning, very amateur) birder, who likes taking photographs of birds and figuring out who they are. She splits her time between Kennett Square, where she lives, and Baltimore, where she works. She is married to Rob Sigafoos, who retired from running New Bolton Center’s Farrier Service in 2006.
Susan and Rob found their way to Makom Kadosh/the JFCC in its very early days. They were thrilled to find a wonderfully inclusive community that equally embraced someone who had long been searching for her Jewish “home” in Chester County (and knew immediately that she had found it) and a non-theist who is drawn to the people, the interesting discussions, and the sense of community that we find at all JFCC gatherings. Susan has the honor of being the first person to celebrate her Bat Mitzvah at Makom Kadosh, which she did at the age of 53, and it was a wonderful and meaningful experience for her and her family.
Susan and Rob live on a rural property with two wonderful dogs, Sami and Marvin, who share their enthusiasm for hiking in the woods and swimming in the Brandywine River.


Dr. Chris Junk is a happily married father of three who lives in Arden, DE. He works as a research chemist in DuPont Central Research and Development. He and his wife Jill have been involved in Makom Kadosh since its inception, and love the expanding sense of community we are developing. In his free time, Chris enjoys biking, hiking, gardening, geocaching, and qigong (Chinese meditative exercise)


Wendy McKenrick

I’m a mom, which always comes first. I have 2 boys, Nathaniel – 15 and Mitchel -12. They are amazing boys who have adopted my love of reading, which brings me endless joy.
I have a wonderful husband – Darryl who fixes everything and thank goodness for that, because there is always something that needs to be done. His strength and his knowledge are incredible.
We live in beautiful Glenmoore in the middle of the woods with the deer, bobcats, birds, and raccoons, and of course the bugs and the poison ivy.
I’m the accountant for Taylor’s Music Store in downtown West Chester, a great family owned company. I love to cook, especially for my family and for Makom Kadosh/JFCC’s Shabbat pot luck dinners. I have an avid interest in going to yard sales and estates sales where I find amazing vintage items, and resell them online, with much success. I love reuniting people with a memory from their childhood or adding to someone’s cherished collection. I am always happy to share my knowledge of selling online to someone else wishing to venture into that market.
On finding Rabbi Elyse and the JFCC—they have helped our family grow so much spiritually. It is nice to be a part of such a wonderful community and to be able to share personally on Shabbat with everyone. We have been part of the JFCC family since its foundation, and the liberal, open nature of the community has been a true blessing for our interfaith family.

Brenda & Eric Goldberg

IMG_2479Bios coming soon….


From our founder and spiritual leader, Rabbi Elyse Seidner-Joseph:

“I am passionately interested in the evolution of Judaism in America.  Our tradition is so rich, and so deep.  I’m interested in co-creating a community where we can help each other access Judaism’s many facets together.

My vision is to re-claim and re-invigorate our spiritual heritage in ways that speak to our complex and contemporary lives. I see experiential, hands-on Judaism, combined with each individual wanting to take responsibility for their own spiritual growth and development, as important keys.”

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